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Interior combustion is a great deal more productive (usually takes much less gasoline per mile) than external combustion, as well as an inside combustion engine is quite a bit more compact than an equal exterior combustion engine. This describes why we don't see any automobiles from Ford and GM working with steam engines.

It’s not unusual for presidential nominees to provide countrywide protection aides to categorised briefings.

The clarification for that decision was presented by means of anonymous sources to Fox Information reporter John Roberts on Tuesday, who claimed Flynn was coming to “interpret the studies” simply because “the Trump campaign is just not confident of the caliber of the intelligence they'll obtain.”

trustworthy - steadfast in passion or allegiance; "a long time of faithful company"; "faithful workers"; "we do not question that England provides a faithful patriot inside the Lord Chancellor"

The candidates are immediately eligible for briefings just after acquiring their party’s nomination, but aides must very first be vetted and granted an expedited protection clearance, David Priess, creator of

An "SMTP engine" forwards mail. A "dictionary engine" appears to be up words. A "rendering engine" sorts the textual content and pictures which can be shown and printed. See search engine, database engine and rendering engine.

(two) Software program that performs an exceedingly certain and repetitive operate in contrast to an application which includes numerous capabilities presented for the user. One example is, a "look for engine" or "database engine" responds to person queries again and again all over again.

tank engine, tank locomotive - a locomotive that carries its possess fuel and h2o; no tender is required

“I would be expecting the briefing for Secretary Hillary Clinton to delve into troubles much more deeply also to be extra of the dialogue as opposed to briefing for Donald Trump, which I'd assume to be a lot more of the tutorial, much more of a primary Minimize at the issues, with the necessity to deliver the history and qualifications on troubles,” Morell reported inside the job interview While using the Cipher Quick.

firm - (of Particularly anyone's Bodily capabilities) not shaking or trembling; "his voice was firm and self-assured"; "a firm step"

(Fin) selling price, currency → stabil; the pound was rather firm in opposition to the dollar → das Pfund blieb dem Greenback gegenüber relativ stabil

3. an officer who manages a ship's engines. masjinis مُهَندِس آلات машинист maquinista naval lodní inženýr; strojník der Maschinist maskinmester μηχανικός πλοίου ingeniero naval mehaanik مسئول موتورخانه konemestari mécanicien/-ienne (de la marine) מְהַנדֵס מְכוֹנוֹת जहाज के इंजन की देखरेख करने वाला इंजीनियर strojovođa gépész masinis kapal vélstjóri macchinista 機関士 (해군의) 기관 장교 inžinierius mechanikas (kuģa) mehāniķis pegawai enjin kapal machinistmaskinistmechanik پیره دار maquinista naval mecanic (de navă) судовой механик lodný inžinier; technik strojni častnik inženjer maskinist คนดูแลเครื่องยนต์เรือ makinist, map çarkçı 輪機員 машиніст انجنوں کی دیکھ بھال رکھنے والا thợ máy 轮机员

to become a firm favorite with sb → devenir un incontournable chez qn, devenir un incontournable pour qn

Popular words seem commonly in composed and spoken language throughout numerous genres from radio to educational journals. Informal

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